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Game Rules

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Reborn Reality - Roleplay | Game Rules
All players must read and understand the rules before joining RR-RP. While we've provided detailed explanations and examples, it's impossible to cover every possible situation in a limitless creative world. There are no preset punishment scales, as each situation is unique. For example, a powergaming action could be a genuine mistake or intentionally malicious. Common courtesy rulebreaks may occur for the first time or as a repeated offense. Instead of relying on automated systems, we rely on human judgment to handle reports. If you feel your situation was wrongly judged, you can staff report the administrator for review.
1. Common Courtesy
Maintain respect and calmness in out-of-character interactions. Discrimination is forbidden, and severe cases may result in a community ban. Follow administrator instructions, and seek a review from Staff Management if you disagree.

Example of breaking this rule:
Insulting another player through /pm or /b.
2. Powergaming
Avoid unrealistic actions in the game, whether through /me roleplay or otherwise. Don't force actions on others or roleplay as non-player characters.

Example of breaking this rule:
Roleplaying lifting a truck through /me.
3. Metagaming
Avoid sharing in-character (IC) information through out-of-character (OOC) means or vice versa. Don't use OOC communication to gain IC information or influence in-game events.

Example of breaking this rule:
Using Discord or /pm to coordinate actions in a pursuit or shootout.
4. Deathmatching
Avoid killing another player without a valid reason. This includes provoking others and then shooting or killing them without proper cause.

Example of breaking this rule:
Shooting at a player based on their race or background without a valid in-game reason.
5. Character Customization
Create a realistic character using the customization system, and be ready to change it if admins request adjustments for server appropriateness.

Example of breaking this rule:

Intentionally glitching your body's appearance.
6. Character Rules
Choose a name that's not famous, comical, or a meme, and use a Firstname Lastname format.

Characters must be at least 16 years old, with an exception for gang-related characters (no younger than 12).

Admins decide if a name is valid.

Keep characters unique: no impact on each other, distinct motivations, and no switching names.

After a character kill or name change, the new character must have no connection to the previous one.

Example of breaking this rule:

Choosing a comical or meme-related name for your character.
7. 3rd Party Mods & Software
Avoid using any game modification or software that gives you an advantage over other players. This includes binds or hotkeys with programs like AutoHotkey, macros on a keyboard or mouse, and client-side modding for advantages. Client-side modding is allowed only for aesthetic purposes.

Players can use controllers for gameplay and during shootings.

Example of breaking this rule:

Using a vehicle mod to gain an advantage in handling or size.
8. Bug Abuse
Report any bugs found by players in the appropriate forum section or in-game for staff input. Exploiting or abusing features to gain unintended results from the server's script, OpenMP/SA-MP client, or the game itself is considered bug abuse.

Example of breaking this rule:

Discovering a bug allowing you to drive locked or dealership vehicles and using it without reporting.
9. Offensive Roleplay
Certain intense roleplays like torture and graphic injuries need OOC consent from all players involved. Keep it away from others and public places to ensure comfort.

Example of breaking this rule:

Torturing a player without consent.

Describing a gruesome injury without checking for consent.

Forbidden roleplays include incest, cannibalism, bestiality, necrophilia, paedophilia, and rape.

Complaints or allegations related to rape roleplay are also not allowed.
10. Robbing and Scamming
Mugging: For items on the victim only. No bank or ATM withdrawal forcing.

Robbery: Admin approval for business hold-ups. Shoplifting doesn't need approval.

Burglary: With admin approval..

Scams: No limit on items. No property/vehicle scams. Cash scams with admin approval. Loans allowed.

General: Avoid chaining of robberies unless you got admin approval. Unrealistic portrayals leads to bans.

Example of breaking this rule:

Forcing a character to withdraw money from ATM.

Holding-up a club full of people without admin approval.

Scamming a player for a property.

Namechanging after taking a loan.
11. Property Destruction Rule
Approval Needed: Destroying player-owned property (houses, apartments, businesses) requires admin approval.

Note: Seek admin permission before engaging in property destruction RP.

Example of breaking this rule:

Setting a house on fire without admin approval is a violation.
12. Safe zones
Designated areas with restricted crime levels.

Crime initiated in outside of safe zone cannot be escaped into a safe zone for protection.

All airports and airfields.

Government (LEO, FD, EMS, City Halls, Hospitals, etc) buildings.

Banks (ATM's not included).


Example of breaking this rule:

Robbing a player in front of LSPD.
13. Real World Trading / OOC Asset Transfers
Exchanging in-game items or assets for real-world value is strictly prohibited (Real World Trading - RWT).

All in-game trades must have proper in-character reasoning, such as establishing relationships for firearm sales or selling properties with valid IC motivations.

No transfer of items or money between your characters is allowed without an approved admin request. Assistance to others violating this rule is also subject to punishment.

Mappers/modders may receive IC & OOC payment for their projects, considering the complexity.

Example of breaking this rule:

Shaping OOC transactions to appear legitimate in-character.
14. Advertisement Rules
Use advertisements for legal transactions and events. Companies focus on business matters and for openings.

Example of breaking this rule:

Advertising illegal items like firearms, drugs, or seeking a hitman in /ad.
15. Sexual Roleplay Rules
Limit sexual content in character descriptions.

Sexual roleplay (including touching) requires consent, private setting, and all characters being 18+.

Rape roleplay is strictly forbidden.

Example of breaking this rule:

Engaging in explicit sexual acts in public or attempting to convince unwilling players to participate in sexual roleplay breaks the rules. All parties must consent, and scenes must be private.